Rainbow Pest Management offers a full range of professional, environmentally responsible pest control services to residents of Collier and Lee counties in southwest Florida. Because we live in a warm and tropical climate, you need comprehensive pest protection to ensure that your home doesn’t become a breeding ground for ants, roaches, rodents or even termites. RPM has your home covered, both inside and out, at any time of year.

Household Pest Control Services

Household Pest Control

Rainbow Pest Management offers a full range of interior and household pest control services, including:

  • Pest exclusion and mitigation
  • Treatment of all rooms to prevent further pest incursion
  • Placement of rodent/insect monitoring stations as needed

Landscape and Ornamental Pest Control Services

Lawn and Ornamental Pest Control

Stop pests before they even enter your home with RPM’s full array of exterior and landscape pest control services:

  • Treatment along paved surfaces and walkways
  • Place baits to suppress ant reproduction
  • Removal of potential insect food sources

Rodent Control Services

Rodent Control

Rely on RPM for specialty control of rodents, including rats, mice and other pests. Our rodent control services include:

  • Trapping and elimination of any current rodent infestation
  • Exclusion to prevent more rodents from entering
  • Baiting to keep rodents away from your home

Fertilization Programs Available

Let Rainbow Pest Management help you beautify your lawn! Not only have we been controlling and eradicating pests for our southwest Florida customers since 1984, we’ve also been helping fertilize and nurture healthy, long-lasting landscapes. Give us a call at (239) 596-4767 and ask us about our available fertilization programs.