About Us

Rainbow Pest Management is a full-service, independent and family-owned pest control company based in Naples, FL. We’ve been serving the southwest Florida counties of Lee and Collier since 1984, with a focus on personalized service and customer satisfaction. Our attention to detail and skilled professional services make us one of the top choices for pest control in the southwest Florida area.

Company History

Rainbow Pest Management was founded in 1984 by Bill Jones, who recognized that local residents deserved more locally-oriented and knowledgeable pest management services than the large corporate chains could provide. Years later, Bill and his team of expert technicians are serving all of Lee and Collier counties with 24-hour service response and guaranteed work.

Do you miss the old days of friendly, local companies who could provide quality and professional services at down-to-earth prices? Those days are still here! Just give Rainbow Pest Management a call.

Our Services

Rainbow Pest Management offers a full range of guaranteed pest control, landscape maintenance and rodent control services and 24-hour service response times. Our technicians are continually staying up to date on the latest treatments and pest problems affecting the southwest Florida area. To find out more about the services we provide and how we’ll help you control and prevent pest infestations in your home and garden, take a look at the following pages:

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